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  • Restoring A Classic Wooden Footstool

    Restoring A Classic Wooden Footstool

    This footstool was my great-grandmother’s (but originally her mother-in-law’s, my great-great-grandmother’s). I don’t know its exact age but there are many clues that suggest that it’s been around for a few years. Great Grandma lived until the age of 100. When I took possession of it, it was still functional but clearly on its last…

  • Workbench Build Photolog

    Workbench Build Photolog

    A woodworker’s bench is the most important piece of equipment in a shop. When I first started woodworking, I attached a small 6 1/2 inch Irwin woodworking vise to a wobbly old drafting table and got to it. But hand-planing on an unstable surface causes more frustration than it was worth. Not to mention poor…